My ghoulies, I hope you treated yourself to a cinematic release this month because, holy cats, A24 did it again. We got a doozey of satanic panic. I’m very excited to talk about this. A horror theater-release has not thrilled me so much since Get Out, and I don’t say that lightly. We’re unearthing Hereditary [2018, directed by Ari Aster]. […]

A Quiet Place

It’s springtime! You know that means: it’s the brief reprieve between Marvel movies and awful summer blockbusters. And we got lucky, because the Easter Bunny brought us a great horror movie: A Quiet Place [2018, directed by John Krasinski]. Apologies for such a late penning on this, as I know blog coverage and “think pieces” […]

The Ritual

Good evening and here we are again, sprinting facefirst through the black trees. This one’s got everything I love: stunning cinematography, myth, a survival horror narrative thread, buddy humor, and an absolutely horrifying monster. I’m deconstructing a new Netflix release – The Ritual [2017, directed by David Bruckner]. Our protagonist Luke and his friends all have a raging case […]

Twin Peaks: The Return

Greetings and Happy New Year, darklings. I’ve come back to you from the edge of madness after binging some of the most upsetting, intense, and confusing horror I’ve ever absorbed in my life. Yes, I use the word “absorb,” because this series will change you from viewing it. I’m not sure I would classify it as literally traumatic, […]

Trick ‘r Treat

Good evening, ghouls! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m a bit tardy, but back at it with one of the best Halloween flicks ever made. Have you seen it? It’s Trick ‘r Treat [2007, directed by Michael Dougherty]. This one had a bit of a dramatic birth. Its production was delayed […]


It’s finally here! And by “it,” I of course mean It [2017, directed by Andrés Muschietti]. This is the most prep I’ve ever done for a Bones post, and I need y’all to know that I suffered greatly, for you. Back in March or April, I ordered a copy of It the book, and have […]

The Conjuring 2

Ladies and gents, I’m a woman of my word. Sometimes to a fault. I’m also a completionist. If I’m playing video games and there’s a “collect crystals” mission available, I’m going to complete it. I’m going to do every single mission, no matter how terrible, repetitive, and boring. Yes, I know it’s a problem. As […]