The House of the Devil

Hello, my darling horror freaks. I hope you’re in the mood for a lesson because I’m talking about the Satanic Panic and a yummy little B-horror nugget that you may not have heard about. Tonight, I’m deconstructing The House of the Devil [2009, directed by Ti West]. West also directed another awesome flick that I’ll […]


Hoodie zippers catching on t-shirt fabric. Bike spokes whirring, the pump of legs up a hill. Sticky, cracking covers of thirty-pound textbooks. Grayed sneakers that slip on without untying them. A bite on the morning breeze as you shuffle to school. Are you back there? Tonight, I’m writing up one of my warm and fuzzy […]

Get Out

Something very important happened in horror and film this last weekend. A film was released about racism in America, written and directed by a black man in his directorial debut, and it also happened to be in the horror genre. It currently has a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes and received a sea of positive reviews. […]

Friday the 13th

Ch ch ch, ha ha ha   ch ch ch, ha ha ha Right? Argument: one version of self-care comes in the form of early 80’s slashers. Call me morbid, call me a final girl, call me paranoid. Horror is a form of modern-day prepping. Care to take a trip with me? Tonight, I’m writing up […]

Ex Machina

Not sure about you cats, but I’ve been trapped in a snowstorm for the last few days so I’m hungry for a little horror. No, I didn’t re-watch The Thing or The Shining, even if they are standard snowstorm choices. I finally got around to watching to Ex Machina [2015, directed by Alex Garland]. You […]


Ho ho ho and stuff! Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, and Yule! I hope y’all have been able to enjoy the season. If you haven’t, have some horror, on me. I’m mega pumped because today I’m deconstructing Krampus [2015, directed by Michael Dougherty]. Before we dig into this delicious nugget, let’s understand exactly who Krampus is. […]